Friday, 18 May 2012

Please help my Daughter and her Family

My daughter Natalie's house fire has devestated her lovely family of husband Stuart and two baby daughters Chantelle 3 and Eliza 18 months.We are thankful that no one is hurt physically but these things leave emotional and financial scars. Unfortunately their insurance was underdone and will not fully cover the re-building or restoration, so I am trying to get all those caring people out there to donate some cash to help them out. I opened up a fire fund account today at the Bendigo Bank so i am hopeful that help will soon be forthcoming.
Natalie and Stuart are the most loving and helpful people I know and never fail to help out anyone in need, even if it means going without, themselves. So now in their time of need, I hope you will find it in your hearts to give them a helping hand. Many items have been forthcoming and it is much appreciated, but they also need cash to help cover their funds shortfall. Thank you so much. The bank details are as follows.
bsb    633 000
account number 145964458
account name     SM & LJ Nicholson (Hockley Fire Fund)
Please leave your name as a reference and email me your donation and contact details unless you wish to remain anonymous.
I will be publishing the donors here and on my facebook page.
Leoni (Natalies' Mum)

2 days before fire on Mothers Day

this was the sunroom with all the girls toys and books 

this is a pink clock in the girls room which was all pink 

Natalie n Stu's beautiful kitchen


  1. many thanks to Bec and Ray who generously donated $100 :)

  2. Thank you so much Chelsea for generously donating to Natalie and Stuarts fire fund.
    leoni xxx