Thursday, 22 November 2012

Can you believe it its nearly December?

This year has gone so quickly and has many ups and downs. On the up side, we didn't get torrential rain at the wrong time to ruin our grape crop so a good average yield was had, you have to be glad about that!
Our oldest son Adam has had an exceptional year with his career and setting a new home with Jodie his lovely partner. James our youngest son has outdone himself with a distinction in his singing exam at uni despite a few dramas earlier in the year and our beautiful daughter Natalie and her supportive hubby Stuart have managed to cherish and grow our precious granddaughters despite their horrific house fire earlier this year. They have only moved back into their house recently although some finishing repairs are still needed. It is looking fantastic and the new decor really respects the style and era of their well built home!
Our own home got flooded from an under slab plumbing leak but has now been all fixed with new cupboards in the laundry, timber floating floor renewed and new carpet in the spare room. Woohoo!
So we have all survived this year and are grateful for the good times we have had together as a family. Eliza's   2nd birthday just as one example. Fancy dress Disney style and I have never seen so many little Snow Whites (Chantelle being one) with the birthday girl as Cinderella!  Even the adults joined in! 

I do wish Natalie and her little family a much better year next year and hope she continues to have the tenacity to carry her into happier times to come with her lovely husband and adorable daughters.
Blockie Steve and I are so looking forward to Christmas with our family to continue the good times and I look forward to growing my fledgling hand made jewellery business in the new year.
I hope you have all great year and look forward to the next with enthusiasm as I do.

                                        Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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