Wednesday, 1 May 2013

One Stage ends and Another Begins....

What a month it has been, the Set Up Shop course was a real eye opener and has really opened my eyes to the prospects of a fantastic career as a jewellery artist.  The bonus in all this is the camaraderie I found with the other girls in the course, its a kinship I haven't felt since I was a girl swapping clothes and having make-up afternoons and just giggling for no particular know the feeling.
Well no time to rest on my laurels, blockie Steve and I are off to Adelaide this week to look after our adorable little granddaughters while our daughter Natalie and her hubby Stuart go on a well earned holiday for 10 days. Some of you may remember this time last year they had a horrific house fire which left their beautiful artisan built 1950's home burnt almost beyond repair.
Their home is not yet finished due to many pitfalls and poor management of the rebiuld process. Hopefully all will be well soon and they can then begin healing.

We are so looking forward to celebrating Chantelle's 4th Birthday and feeling hers and Eliza's cute little arms around our necks.
My little cuties love dressing up
So my jewellery biz will be taking a back seat for a bit, although I will take tools, wire and beads to fill any orders that I will receive while I'm away. With technology at our fingertips dealing with emails will be a snap with my laptop, ipad and iphone.(how could we manage without these things now!)
all packed with all the bits and pieces to make these and more


  1. Leoni, enjoy the time away with the granddaughters and what a wonderful gift to give your daughter so she and her hubby can go away knowing the girls will be well looked after. More so after the year they have had. Looking forward to seeing your creations online soon so I can buy me a set. Also I agree I loved the vibe of the Set Up Shop group, it was so nice to feel supported by like minded woman.

  2. Thanks Janine, I will be in touch. cheers x